Elite - Document Preparation *The Direct Solutions Company* At Elite, fighting for the American consumer is our mission – and we have been doing it since 1999. Today, with the industries increasingly more reliant on credit scores, the American consumer needs more help than ever and Elite is here to offer the expertise, experience, and know how to get the job done. We offer white-glove customer service, honesty, integrity, and produce genuine results that you can count on. At Elite  we pride ourselves on working with you to educate  and help  do more to expand options. The more you know,... 

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Medical Bills Hurting Your Credit Score

Interesting article I found on NY Times about how collection accounts can ruin credit scores. I see this very often. In many instances,... 

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Credit 101 Part 4 The Credit Bureaus

This is part 4 in a series of videos on basics of credit, which is Credit 101. What are the credit bureaus? Who are the credit bureaus?... 

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How Many Credit Scores Do We Have Anyway?

Think you have three credit scores? You may have 50 or more Paul Sakuma / AP, file By Bob Sullivan, Columnist, NBC News You probably... 

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Opt Out of Credit Card Offers – Junkmail

Here is something you need to know about opting out of those credit card offers ; aka Junkmail

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